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Learn why we work on how the Esports Tower Approach helps our players excel. 

The Importance of Soft Skills.

According to a recent piece in the Harvard Business Review, one of the most critical areas for skills development is soft skills. As many as 50% of jobs are likely to be automated by 2024. Today’s students can help prepare for the future of work by not only focusing on their technical and hard skills, but also on developing their soft skills.

“In one survey, 93% of employers reported that ‘a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than his or her undergraduate major.’  In addition, employers seek candidates who have other sorts of ‘soft skills,’ such as being able to learn adaptively, to make good decisions and to work well with others. These sought-after abilities, of course, fit perfectly with the sorts of things that people can do well, but are and will continue to be difficult to automate.”

Working with our academic partners and sponsors, we’ve created a curriculum designed to develop Esports Tower athletes' people skills and professionalism that college and pro recruiters are looking for in players. Our Combine's allow college recruiters to assess player progress as they advance through our 12-levels of soft-skill training.  


Esports Tower Clubs' quarterly game specific training schedules culminate with a final scholarship tournament. Over this 12-week schedule coaches train our esports athletes through each level of our Esports Tower Approach™.

Professionalism & Sportsmanship

Physical Health





Cool Down





Level Up

Competition, Competitiveness, and More.

It’s estimated that there are 200 varsity college teams participating in competitive eSports leagues today, and the number is increasing annually. By taking part in competitive activities, students are building a number of soft skills. Often, the popular eSports games rely on teams of players working together to win, rather than the prowess of individual players.

Learning how to compete effectively supports an array of skills, from the importance of time management and developing a strong ethic to managing losses in a healthy way and rejoicing in their own success.

At ESPORTS TOWER we select only team-based games an continually refine our training based on input from players, coaches, parents, partners and sponsors. We welcome you to experience the ESPORTS TOWER APPROACH.